Award Winning Specialist in Luxury Home Lighting Design 
Do you find that your home often feels the same, with no way of changing the atmosphere to suit what you are doing or what your mood is? Are you just not hearing the compliments that you’d expected from all of your efforts? 
Have you spent your hard earned money on furniture, flooring, soft furnishings and decorating, yet you still don’t see everything looks as fabulous as you expected? 
The right type and style of lighting can make the difference between “Hmm” and “WOW!” It allows you to deal effectively with the job in hand or simply relax after a long, hard day – it adapts to your every need.  
We specialise in thoughtful and inspirational lighting designs that create ambiance and sophistication, highlighting the features you have invested so much hard work in and enhancing your enjoyment of the interior and exterior spaces of your home. 
Each of our lighting designs is tailored towards your aspirations, your specific needs and the budget for your project. Sam Coles Lighting creates lighting designs for the interiors and exteriors of all types, ages and styles of homes, whether it's a complete new build, for refurbishment, or a substantial extension. 
Interior lighting designs start from £2,000.00 + VAT and garden lighting designs from £750.00 + VAT. 
If you are a home owner, developer, architect, interior designer or landscape designer we are your lighting design specialist and we look forward to working with you to create your perfect lighting design. 
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